Rituals Samurai Ice Shower Gel Open Bottle

RITUALS Samurai Ice Cooling Shower Gel Review

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Today I have an amazing product from RITUALS.  RITUALS offers amazing body products for both men and women. RITUALS uses only natural, renewable and organic ingredients in their products and any safe alternatives for anything nature cannot provide. RITUALS products are never tested on animals, and their full product line is suitable for vegetarians. First I would just like to say, I love the look of the bottle. It uses an opaque modern blue so you can still see how much product is left over. It just makes it look really nice next to other bathroom products. The cooling shower gel cleanses the body and gives an ultra-refreshing feeling.

Today I have RITUALS Samurai Ice Cooling Shower Gel up for review.

Rituals Samurai Ice Shower Gel Bottle Shot

RITUALS Samurai Ice Cooling Shower Gel leaves a refreshing cooling feeling after use, but does not have a strong scent once rinsed. The scent described on the bottle is an Organic Bamboo & Japanese Mint. The scent is very masculine but the aroma is not very strong, which is great. I believe this fits into one of the better shower gels I have used and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it when it comes time to replace my current bottle. The cooling effect only lasts about a minute or so, but gives you a nice relaxing feeling.RITUALS recommends applying the product before entering the shower and then rinse. I prefer to use it while in the shower.

Rituals Samurai Ice Shower Gel Open Bottle

Just as a warning RITUALS Samurai Ice Cooling Shower Gel does does have a caution on the label about the standard avoid contact with your eyes, but also includes other sensitive parts of the body as well. If you do use this on any sensitive areas, the cooling effect should go away rather quickly as stated above.

The price for RITUALS Samurai Ice Cooling Shower Gel may be a little higher than you normally pay, but it’s well worth it!

Price: $15.00

Where to buy: Rituals.com

Lasting Scent6
Cooling Effect7.5
Overall I really enjoy this product. While I did rate the lasting scent lower, I actually prefer a scent that isn't overwhelming. This would make an excellent gift for your loved one to try!

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