Keune Brillantine Hair Gel Review

I’ve been trying a new style for my hair lately and needed a gel that would work with my picky requirements. When I look for a hair gel, I want it to make my hair stay where I want it without leaving it stiff and crunchy. I also hate when hair gels have an over powering smell to them, and when the gel doesn’t hold my hair all day.

I decided to try Keune Brillantine Hair Gel since I have never heard of them before, and wanted to stay away from the standard gels that I don’t usually like to use. The price was comparable to other hair gels, so I decided to give it a try.


The description of the Keune Brillantine Hair Gel says it’s a Timeless styling pomade for a groomed look without frizz. Keune Brilliantine Styling Gel gives texture, finish and shine.


After opening the product, I immediately wanted to check the scent and see how strong it was going to be. To my surprise, it had a pleasing scent that I didn’t think was going to overpower anything else I decided to wear with it. I used the product after drying my hair with a towel after my shower, so the hair was still damp when it was used. I did a simple side part, and even with several minutes of me messing around with my hair to get it how I wanted it, I was still able to form it since the product does not harden in your hair. This is great for being able to touch up during the day, or not having to worry about getting your hair into the correct look before it dries out.


I’ve used the product several times now, and can say that it really holds up well. My hair is not stiff and crunchy, the scent isn’t over powering (but it is there) and it does exactly what it sets out to do. I will for sure be getting more of the Keune Brillantine Hair Gel when I run out.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $13.49 for 3.4 oz

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Overall the product is excellent for what it sets out to do. It leaves a nice shine, it keeps your hair flexible without making it stiff and crunchy and works great for both short and long hair. It kept the frizz down, doesn't dry our hair, and lasted all day.

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