Bed Head Charge Up Shampoo and Conditioner for Men Review


For our first shampoo and conditioner we have Charge Up by Bed Head. The first thing I do when I look for a new shampoo or conditioner is check the scent. Most of the time the choices for men’s products are limited and you either get a strong “wood” scent or overpowering scent that doesn’t mix well with other cologne. Bed Head Charge Up didn’t do either. I would consider the scent to be clean and masculine, but definitely not woodsy. The biggest problem I had with the shampoo itself was that it didn’t lather well. Outside of the lather issues, I would definitely purchase this product going forward.


It really is a salon grade product, I was a little dubious about the product really thickening and maximizing hair volume, but it did. With the shampoo itself, I didn’t feel like I needed to add conditioner after every rinse. I would recommend conditioning a few days a week instead. The product does cost a couple dollars more than other brands that you might find this product with, but I think it’s worth it.

If you are into using product in your hair like gels, both the shampoo and conditioner didn’t leave any type of residue and made applying other hair products easy.

Where to buy: Amazon – Shampoo | Amazon – Conditioner

Purchase Price: $6.00 – $12.00

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Overall both the Bed Head Charge Up shampoo and conditioner do exactly what they say, thicken and maximize your hair. If you are looking to buy a salon grade product at an affordable price, this is where I would start.

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