App and Website Privacy Information

Personal Data:

There is no personal data stored or used. Personal Data is not passed on to Separate Opinion or NTS Bay Area. The website or applications may contain links to external websites in the form of advertising and attribution credits. These external website are not affiliated with Separate Opinion. The external sites may collect information and have separate privacy statements not under the control of Separate Opinion.

Internet Connection:

The Cosmetic Sanctuary App or Separate Opinion app uses your devices internet connection to provide you with the most recent posts from either website. No personal data is collected.

Creating a Username and Password:

If you decide to create an account on it requires a username, password, first and last name, which is then encrypted using wordpress technology. Separate Opinion does not share this information and will not be used for any other reason.

You can choose to sign up for our newsletter by using your email address and signing up on the right hand side of the page. Newsletter sign up is not done during account registration and is 100% optional. You do not need an account with Separate Opinion in order to sign up for the newsletter. We provide opt-out links if you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, but you can always contact us directly to be removed. Your email will not be shared.

Creating a username and password or signing up for the newsletter is optional and is not required. You do not have to create a username and password in order to use our app or view our website. Comments can be made without an account.