Abingdon Messenger Bag by J.Crew Review

I’ve been searching for a nice looking bag that doesn’t break the bank to carry around my Surface tablet and work accessories. I came across the Abingdon Messenger Bag by J.Crew and I really liked the look of it. I placed an order for the messenger bag in dark navy with brown leather and brown straps.

The Abingdon messenger bag is 10 1/2″ H x16″ W x 5″ D, which seemed like the perfect size to travel back and forth to work with. The bag also comes with brass-finish hardware, burnished leather trim with a waxed cotton canvas. The inside of the bag is a dark red which really pops when browsing inside and showing it off ;).


The feel of the bag is amazing, it feels high quality, soft, and extremely durable. The bag is also very accessible, the straps that hold the bag closed are slip over leather straps, which means you don’t have to undo any hardware to get access to your things. Once you flip open the bag, there are two front pouches that close by magnets. The magnet is fairly strong and quickly snaps together without any trouble. The magnets are about the size of a nickel, and are hidden within the bag.


The back of the bag has one large pouch spanning the length of the entire bag. This pouch is held together with a brass magnetic snap closure. On the inside of the bag there is a large pocket with a zipper, which is high enough towards the top of the bag that it shouldn’t hit or come close to a tablet screen and scratch it. I would personally prefer no zipper, just to be extra safe, but since it was so high up I figured I would be just fine with it. On the opposite side towards the front of the bag there are small pouches that do not close and can fit smaller items such as pens, business cards, or even your phone. It has three specific pouches for pens, or pen like objects.


The inside is soft but very rugged. This bag feels like a quality bag that will last me quite a while. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase, and am very excited to be using it every day.


Where to purchase: J.Crew Website

Price: $98.00

Coupon Code: 30% off with code: HISUMMER at checkout. Get it while the sale is on!

Overall if you are in need of a messenger bag that can fit plenty of items and look great with an excellent build quality, the Abingdon Messenger Bag by J.Crew is the way to go. Be careful of the zipper location, and make sure that whatever items you decide to put in the bag will not be affected by it.

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